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Canandaigua RR Station Mural Completed

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by Robert Ward

Mural artist Amy Colburn has just finished work on her latest project: a large mural on the trackside of the Murphy’s Tires building on Niagara Street in Canandaigua. With the help of a movable scaffold created by her father Marty Wheeler, Amy has spent the last two months painting a scene of daily life at the Canandaigua railroad station as it may have appeared in 1916.

Photo: Amy Colburn and her father Marty Wheeler.

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Trolley Station Restoration Help Needed

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The Rochester & Eastern Rapid Railway Trolley Station and grounds need work early in 2015 to prepare it for the dedication next summer.

There are several community organizations we need to thank and acknowledge. We are most indebted to the Fishers Fire District for permitting us to locate the station on District property. They have been very supportive of our efforts while working on and maintaining this tangible piece of our local history. We also thank Victor Parks and Recreation for their help with preparing the site. We thank Victor Hiking Trails for assisting with clearing the site and allowing us to share the trolley station with everyone who uses the Auburn Trail.

Items that need to be finished at the trolley station before the grand opening this summer:

  1. Complete repairs to the si...
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