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Victor Hiking Trails, Inc.
Partners Preserving Local Railroad History

Victor Hiking Trails is committed to adapting railroad right-of-ways for hiking, biking and recreation. For more information,
visit Victor Hiking Trails.

Step #1 - Fun On The Rails in Victor, NY Survey - Registration 

PLEASE register now to take this VERY IMPORTANT survey.
The future of 'Fun on the the Rails' in Victor, NY may very well depend upon it.

STEP ONE OF TWO:  Please fill in the information requested below to help enable us to more accurately evaluate the significance of the survey results. 

PRIVACY PROMISE:  The personal information collected for the purposes and intents of the survey will remain confidential. We will not be using the personal information collected for the purpose of contacting you (unless you request that we do so) and will not be sharing your personal information with others.



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REASONING AND INTENDED PURPOSE:  Some in our local government(s) are hoping that few will notice that most of the survey results they use for their marketing to help sway public opinion are fully unscientific and in truth may very well be misleading the local tax payers and stake holders into thinking that they should be considered as representative of the well informed majority view. The board members of the Friends of the Railroad have chosen a different approach in that we are admitting up front that our survey and/or the results may not be fully scientific and/or representative of the views and opinions of local tax payers and stake holders most affected by any police decisions that may be influenced by the results. 
OUR PRIMARY GOAL to achieve is a LARGER PARTICIPATION RATE than those doing similar surveys for similar purposes being done by some in our local government(s).